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Company culture

Achieving great things by cooperation

To be successful in the longer term we must remain innovative and improve continuously. The capability to address changes positively and openly, to think them through and make progress together is a characteristic of successful companies.

Our company culture is based on the recognition that success comes only by cooperation. Success for its part strengthens the trust in the individuals’ strengths. Our employees don’t work for us, they work with us and are - quite rightly - proud they can be part of the continuous further development of createch ag.

As an employee of createch ag you will ensure amongst other things that rockets continue to fly into space and illnesses can be treated, that advances are made in watchmaking and jewellery production, and that the environment becomes a little cleaner.

We offer you

  • a workplace set up with all modern facilities
  • demanding and wide-ranging work
  • a friendly working atmosphere as part of a young dynamic team
  • more than just fair conditions of employment
  • flexible working hours
  • wide-ranging further education facilities

Work-life balance in createch ag
We place great value on a sensible balance between work and leisure. At the workplaces we ensure an attractive setting for a relaxed working environment. We take into consideration the situation our employees find themselves in and allow them flexible working hours or part-time working.

Mutual trust is one of the principal values of our company.

English lessons
We are really concerned to promote the foreign language capabilities of our employees. Therefore, within the company we offer a multi-level English language course.

In the createch ag team everyone knows how well the business is doing. At regular meetings the management keeps the employees informed about numbers and objectives, new projects and completed projects, and also strategically important decisions.

We promote team spirit amongst the employees with a two-day company outing, an Easter celebration, a Christmas party and celebrations at other occasion.

René Affentranger

Founder and CEO

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René Affentranger

René Affentranger