Laser cutting

Laser cutting explained in brief:

Laser cutting is a contactless thermal separating process in which material is melted and vaporised.  The laser beam can be concentrated to the smallest diameters with the focusing lens, making very narrow cuts possible (up to 20µm). The smallest possible cutting width depends on the beam characteristics and the material thickness. Different process gases are used according to the material and cut edge requirements.


Fields of application:

Laser cutting is suitable for high-temperature resistant materials such as Hastelloy, Nimonic, wolfram, molybdenum, and all types of precious and non-ferrous metals. We also use the latest technology for precision cutting and structuring on sapphire glass, mother of pearl, onyx, Ohara and ceramic materials.



  • Contactless welding
  • Minimal stress on the material
  • Low heat generation
  • Can be cut diagonally up to 25° to the surface
  • No wear on tools
  • Short changeover times and high system flexibility


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